What is Neural Harmony?

Neural Harmony is a state of absolute balance for your mind and body. This state allows your body to block out stress and operate from a cool-calmness to get things done under pressure.

In this state of “cool-calmness” your brainpower is at its peak. You’re able to focus under pressure, be more creative and solve difficult problems faster than your competition.

Simply put, when you’re In Neural Harmony you feel your best and perform at your best.

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Helps Activate Neural Harmony

Earth Grown Ingredients* Mood & Brain Booster* Stress Proof Shield* No Side Effects*

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“4 Adaptogenic Herbs Found in Nature”

Adaptogens give ChillSwitch it’s natural ability to protect against physical, chemical or biological stressors. As a result, you’re able to stay in Neural Harmony longer, no matter what life demands of you.


A flowering plant commonly grown in cold, arctic mountains. Rhodiola can provide balance to your body for days where you have to work long shifts or days where you are feeling under pressure.1


Ashwagandha is a stress-reducing powerhouse. There have been several placebo-controlled, double-blind studies showing that Ashwagandha can help lower Cortisol levels by up to 32%! 2

Lemon Balm

A Mediterranean herb which has shown to boost mood, memory, and mental performance. 3


A proven plant that’s been used successfully to boost brainpower for hundreds of years. Bacopa was even used by ancient scholars to help them memorize long scriptures, scrolls and hymns 4

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Perform Better at Anything You Do With ChillSwitch*


Build the business of your dreams by improving memory to make faster connections for your next million dollar idea.


Boost your energy even after a long day at work so you can give it your all for an intense workout or come up clutch when the clock hits zero.


Whether it’s exam season or you’re cramming for a pop quiz… ChillSwitch can help you avoid procrastination by safely calming your nerves in stressful situations.


ChillSwitch can help boost your energy after a long day at work so you can actually have the energy to keep up with your kids.

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Just One Capsule Daily

All it takes is one capsule with a glass of water to activate Neural Harmony everyday.

In today's fast-paced world of endless distractions, if you’re looking to be more productive and improve your task performance. ..

You have two options to activate Neural Harmony:

Option #1: Train your body everyday so that no matter what you do, you are able to “self-activate” Neural Harmony. This includes having to remove distractions, manage your actions and identify patterns in your mood.

OR you can choose to go the easier route which is…

Option #2: Activate Neural Harmony everyday by taking one easy to swallow capsule of ChillSwitch. Thanks to the adaptogenic ingredients, you’ll have the nutrients it takes to shield your body from stress.

Now just imagine what you can do with all the time you’ll have saved by instantly activating Neural Harmony…

ChillSwitch is Transforming Lives

Travis F., Entrepreneur from Clearwater, FL
Sahil C., Film Studio Owner from Vancouver BC
Aisha A., Medical Student from Houston, TX
Billy C., RMT Student from San Clara, CA
Briana M., Waitress from Wheeling, WV
Roy G., Entrepreneur from Fort Lauderdale, FL
Scott W., Entrepreneur from Florianopolis, Brazil
Abhi S., Student from Seattle, WA
After just 3 days of taking this supplement I had already begun to feel the effects, everything was more clear and sharp, I was remembering more information from class, and the best thing about it, there were no side effects. I passed my midterm with a 96, compared to my first exam that i made a 77 on
Michael H., Student from Houston, TX
After taking ChillSwitch for three weeks, I find that I am better able to recall and present highly technical information without hesitation or loss of train of thought, which has been a problem for over ten years
Danielle F., HR Manager from Los Angeles, CA
I started taking ChillSwitch after I kept having trouble getting anything done while raising 3 kids. My son in high school also has difficulties paying attention as I’ve heard many times from his teachers. I finally feel mental clarity even with a lack of sleep and I’m just able to get things done much faster now. It seems like my mind is sharper. I bought another bottle for my son to try. After about 5 days of use, both my son & his teachers have noticed an increase in his cognition & focusing abilities. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who has difficulties focusing and brain fog.
Elizabeth R., Parent from Chicago, IL
I didn't feel sluggish at the end of my 12hr work shifts and felt like i got more restful sleep instead of feeling like i got hit by a train every time i woke for another day of work
Damon Y., CNC Operator from Newark, NJ

Experience ChillSwitch 100% Risk-Free

Try it out for 60 days and if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back! There’s absolutely no-risk in giving it a try.

Even if you just don’t like the results (although it’s rare), you can get your money back!

Join thousands of other satisfied men and women who have used ChillSwitch to beat burnout and feel incredible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ChillSwitch is a proprietary supplement…

Based on PROVEN neuroscience breakthroughs from Harvard, Stanford, and Yale.

ChillSwitch is designed to help gently ease your body into a state of Neural Harmony…

Where your stress levels are in perfect balance…

And you’re able to FEEL and PERFORM at your absolute best.

Simply put, ChillSwitch is designed for ANYONE who wants to make life feel easier and more enjoyable.

The research-backed ingredients inside ChillSwitch can help you:

Melt stress…

Lift your mood…

Boost your brainpower...

Improve your focus, productivity, memory, concentration, and creativity...

And unleash all the calm, RELAXED energy… that helps you CRUISE through even your TOUGHEST days.

ChillSwitch is designed to help you feel your best… and PERFORM at your best… at whatever you do.

It’s especially helpful for entrepreneurs, college students, workers, athletes, writers, musicians, artists, parents…

And anyone else who wants to “silence the stress” in your life… so you can have more fun... and get more done!

The beauty of ChillSwitch…

Is that it contains the highest-quality ingredients…

Backed by DOZENS of extensive scientific studies.

So it’s designed to work for anyone.

Whether you’re 18 or 80… it doesn’t matter.

Your body and brain work BEST when you’re in a state of Neural Harmony…

And the ingredients in ChillSwitch help you restore that important balance!

Many people who try ChillSwitch… are able to feel it working right away.

Within 30 minutes of their very first serving, they often find themselves feeling more relaxed… with deeper focus… and enhanced mental clarity.

But… remember…

ChillSwitch isn’t some dangerous drug that “forces” these effects…

Instead, ChillSwitch is designed to gently EASE your body into Neural Harmony.

So even though you’re likely to feel the improvements right away…

You get even BETTER results the longer you use ChillSwitch…

As it helps bring your body into that perfect balance.

That’s why our smartest customers usually buy 6 bottles of ChillSwitch.

Because it delivers the best possible results…

AND allows you to secure your supply at a SUBSTANTIAL discount.

I totally understand WHY you might be skeptical!

After all… you’ve probably NEVER tried anything like ChillSwitch before.

And most of us have been overstressed for so long…

We’ve forgotten how AMAZING we can feel…

Once that cloud of stress is lifted… and Neural Harmony is restored.

And ChillSwitch contains highly-researched ingredients (supported by DOZENS of studies)... which are shown to help bring you into Neural Harmony.

So we’re VERY confident that ChillSwitch WILL work for you.

In fact… we’re SO confident…

That we’re removing ALL the risk for you.

Because when you order ChillSwitch today, you’re fully-protected by our 60 day, 100% money-back guarantee.

So if it doesn’t work… you can get all your money back.

It’s simple…

Our team here at BioVital Supplements stand by our products 100%.

So we’re giving you 60 full days… to try ChillSwitch risk-free.

We’re very confident… that once you try ChillSwitch…

And you experience all the calm, RELAXED energy it delivers…

Plus… all the increased focus, productivity, memory, and mental clarity…

You’re going to be so THRILLED with ChillSwitch…

And how much easier and more enjoyable it makes your life…

You’ll never want to go without it again!

But if that isn’t true for you…

And you aren’t fully-satisfied… for ANY reason…

All you have to do is contact our best-in-class customer support team within 60 days… and we’ll give you a full refund of your order!

Because simply put:

If you don’t love ChillSwitch, then we don’t want your money!

That being said, our refund rates tend to be VERY low.

Because we only provide high quality supplement formulations that are backed by cutting edge, scientific studies.

And nearly everyone who tries ChillSwitch… loves ChillSwitch!

(Which is why we have such a hard time keeping this product in stock!)

ChillSwitch contains the highest-grade ingredients…

Gathered from the purest sources around the globe.

Every bottle of ChillSwitch is manufactured right here in the United States at a GMP-Certified and FDA Compliant facility.

Your investment in our product supports American jobs and the American economy.

Also, ChillSwitch is completely Vegan friendly and Sugar-Free so you don’t feel any crash.

Plus… it doesn’t have any added Caffeine, so you’re free to enjoy your morning coffee… as you normally would! Without having to worry about “overdoing it.”

Well… I WISH I could tell you that ChillSwitch will be available forever.

After all… the reason we’ve created ChillSwitch was to help as many people as possible.

We want to help you remove the cloud of stress from your brain… so you can feel happier, more energetic, and more productive.

We want you to have more fun and get more done.

But unfortunately…

Since ChillSwitch is in extremely high demand…

And the fact that it contains hard-to-find ingredients… sourced from all over the globe…

It’s very common for us to completely sell out…

And depending on the speed of our suppliers, it can take WEEKS… or even MONTHS until our NEXT batch of ChillSwitch is ready.

That’s why we STRONGLY recommend that you “STOCK UP” on ChillSwitch WHILE we have it available today.

Because we’d hate for you to try ChillSwitch… get all these amazing benefits… then run out of the product and have to wait months for your next order.

(So if it fits your budget, we strongly recommend going with the 6-bottle supply… for the greatest possible savings.)

Well like I just mentioned…

All you need to do is choose the package that works the best for you (I recommend getting 6 bottles to get the best bang for your buck.).

Click the button to add it to your cart and place your order.

You’ll then be taken to the fully secure order page (thanks to our multi-layer security), where you’ll enter your billing and shipment details.

As soon as you complete your order, we’ll begin the process of shipping out ChillSwitch to you…

So you can have this life-changing product in your hands in a matter of days!

You’re also receive an immediate e-mail receipt with all your order details, our contact information, and everything else you’d need.

So go ahead and click that button below…

Choose your 6-bottle supply of ChillSwitch (or whatever supply is right for you…)

And let’s give you that BOOST you need to start feeling and performing at your absolute BEST!