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Our Mission

Everyone deserves to be in control of their stress... 

But sometimes, the thought of that isn't enough. It's common for our minds to hover into cruise-control, where your movement doesn't match where you want to go. 

Our team of experts at BioVital Supplements have had moments like this ourselves and after three and a half years of research and testing (including self-testing), we discovered that they key to productivity is stress.

That's right...

We realized (as well as some world-renowned phycologist before us) that productivity and your performance rely heavily on how stressed you are.

With this in mind, our President and Founder Gulraiz Farooqi saw the need to develop a vegan supplement that could safely and reliably balance stress within our body.

After assembling a team of scientists, doctors, herbalists...

ChillSwitch was born in 2019.

Since then, our core mission has been to get ChillSwitch into the hands of as many people who have not yet learned to balance their stress reliably.

Because we know... anyone can perform better in the state of Neural Harmony.